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3 days route.

Avacha is related to the type of so called "double volcanoes". By the structure it is a copy of the famous volcano Vesuvius, but Avacha considerably excels it in dimensions. The top of Avacha is a narrow sharp edge which surrounds the crater.

 Avachinsky Volcano

Crater with the diameter of 400 meters is filled with water. Curling steam jets and gas brake through frоm the invisible cracks in rocks. The temperature of lateral fumaroles fluctuates from 90 degrees to 150 degrees. There are two ways of ascending the Avacha volcano: from the south - along the dry river Khalaktyrskaya and from the west - along the dry river Elizovskaya (this ascent takes 2 hours less then the first one). In the process of ascending it is possible to observe all charm of this wonderful peninsula from an altitude of the birds flight, to meet Alpine vegetation, to see rare kinds of plants, to admire a unique landscape which will rise before you in all its beauty

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