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Since 2001, Sirena - Tour Co., Has been committed to providing expert planning and the widest variety of top-notch tours available anywhere in Kamchatka.

Our tours include all styles and modes of travel throughout every area of the region.  You will visit Kamchatka's spectacular National Parks, including: the Valley of Geysers and Nalychevo Park, where you may witness an active volcano year round. You will travel on an exclusive jeep tour, which offers the maximum thrill while traversing and exploring the remotest areas of Kamchatka.  You'll travel by small ship to beautiful Starichkov Island, where you'll see Kamchatka wildlife, including Kamchatka brown bear, a variety of birds, and sea life such as walrus, seal, and whales. 

You will learn to dive, or take a diving excursion to see the beautiful underwater creatures of Kamchatka, including sea-urchin and Kamchatka Crab, which we'll prepare fresh for you on the beach at the end of the day.  You'll find it all here!

We arrange tours for escorted groups or independent travelers, so let us help you plan your Kamchatka trip for yourself, family, or friends!

We are proud of our intimate knowledge of and our passion for Kamchatka, and look forward to sharing our unique, vast land with you. We encourage you to write, email or call us soon.  One of our fine staff will be glad to discuss tour possibilities with you.

Yours sincerely
Valeria Giniyatullina

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