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Travel in Kamchatka
About Sirena-Tour

Since 2001, Sirena - Tour Co., Has been committed to providing expert planning and the widest variety of top-notch tours available anywhere in Kamchatka.

Hunting for snow sheep in Kamchatka

Period of hunting for Koryak snow sheep – from August 1 to September 15. 

Place of hunting – northern part of Olyutorsky district of the Koryak Autonomous Area  (Koryak upland). Here the population of snow sheep is high enough and it is possible to get a trophy with length of the horns of more then 85 sm.

Group – from 4 to 6 hunters, hunting – per two persons in different camps. 

Trip to Avachinsky Volcano

3 days route.

Avacha is related to the type of so called "double volcanoes". By the structure it is a copy of the famous volcano Vesuvius, but Avacha considerably excels it in dimensions. The top of Avacha is a narrow sharp edge which surrounds the crater.

Dive tour to Listvennichnaya Bay

Traveling on board of comfortable boat with heating, stereo, refrigerator, toilet, kitchen, 2 big cabins. Menu includes seafood prepared with the recipes of Japanese and Korean cuisine. Available: salads with sea cabbage and wild plants of Kamchatka (fern, victory onion, mushrooms), sushi and he from octopus and other sea food, which can be met in sea fauns of Kamchatka, fish soup from fish of delicious species, barbeque from fish and meat, crabs and also caviar of sea urchin. You’ll surely meet sea animals – sea lions, seals, Kamchatka crab, possibly, killer-whales or dolphins.

Tolbachik fire belt

Duration: 14 days and 13 nights.
Tour season: July 1st – September 30th.
The route passes through the most active volcanic zone of Kamchatka among the highest active volcanoes of Europe and Asia. You have a chance to observe the result of the present-day existence of the Earth planet: new-born volcanoes, vast territories covered with deep ashy-lava, "Moon landscapes", fanciful sculptures of frozen lava, wonderful flowers, landscapes of fantastic colors.

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